Healings in Mexico!

We Hit the Ground Running!

September was a month of excitement and a whole lot of “new”. IMG_20150912_155150680_HDR


We knew this day was coming…..where we would get to preach the gospel together in Mexico…..and the month of September was filled with exactly this!

Video Update

From Mexico!



  • Jeff got the opportunity to visit Mexico for 2 weeks to encourage the bothers and sisters in Christ. During this trip he also found us a house to live in!!!
  • We visited Tennessee and Tybee Joy was blessed with everything she needs thanks to all of our amazing friends and family at a baby shower.
  • We visited Covenant Love Church in North Carolina. Pastor Al Brice and Mrs. Tava, and the entire staffed blessed our hearts tremendously.
  • We packed our life up in our pick up truck (pictured) to head to Mexico. We were able to pack all of our  wedding gifts and baby shower gifts and were reminded that we are truly blessed with so many people that love us!


Mid-Year Newsletter

1. Pray for the ministry in Mexico, that God would go before us prepare the way in their hearts. 2. Pray for Mary Beth and our baby, that all will continue to go well with the pregnancy.


Wilderness Training

We just finished our 30 days of wilderness training that included primitive living skills. Jeff went through this 3 years ago, and helped instruct and gave some tips with a lot of the training this time around. Mary Beth learned how to make a warm, water resistant shelter out of sticks and pine needles. She was able to make a fire using a friction method with only natural resources. She learned how to navigate with a compass. (more…)

Baby Fever!


IMG_20150522_110342551Mary Beth finished up with her language training! She did a great job learning Spanish. Thank you for all of your prayers. Mary Beth’s sister Caroline spent the last three weeks with us while studying Spanish herself. We were blessed to have her with us and had a great time!

We are back in America for a while! We just flew into Texas to join Mountain Gateway for wilderness/leadership training. We’ll be spending the month of June in Colorado and Montana working and learning alongside other missionaries under Britt and Audrey Hancock. Therefore, we will not be able to communicate during the month of June.

Baby Registry

We have decided to register at Babies R Us. We’re not waiting until we’re in Tennessee in December to get the clothes, car seats, diapers and so much more for the baby. We’re moving to Mexico in September. Jeff will be driving our truck down at that time, meaning the best opportunity to bring stuff with us will be that time. After the baby is born, all that we’ll be able to bring back with us is what we can bring with us on the airplane.

IMG_20150522_110517632Anything bought for our baby will have to be sent to the Mountain Gateway location. This way we’ll be able to pack it when we move to Mexico. Anything bought off our registry will automatically be sent there. The address is:
956 Hart Lane
Dripping Springs TX 78620

View Our Baby Registry

Thank you for your love and your prayers!
Jeff + Mary Beth

Prayer Requests

  1. That we will learn and grow through the training in June.
  2. That God will supply for all of our needs.
  3. For the health of the baby and of Mary Beth.

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We’re having a baby!

We’re having a Baby!

 It’s official! We’re pregnant! As of mid-December, we will be adding one more to our family. We are so excited and can’t wait to meet him/her! We got an ultrasound last week here in Guatemala. Being able to hear the baby’s heart beating for the first time was so special. We thank Jesus for the miracle that is life! We have been praying about it, and we have decided that it will be best for us to have the baby in Tennessee. We are going to keep the same schedule moving forward until a few weeks before the due date, and then head to Clarksville to get ready for everything. (more…)

Take On Missions

Here is a video Jeff helped make a year ago, describing his beliefs on what missions should look like.

April 2015

Mary Beth’s Parents Arrive!

Over a week ago both of Mary Beth’s parent came down to Antigua, Guatemala to visit us for a while. Her dad Eddie stayed for a week and left on Monday to get back to work. Her mom Theresia however, is not going back to Tennessee until next week.

We hadn’t seen them since the end of last November, so it has been great to catch up and show them our how different our life is here compared to living in America. Even simple tasks like going to the grocery become a 4-5 hour affair because (more…)


Sickness, Sickness, Sickness…

Thank you everyone for your prayers over the past month. We have needed every single one of them! After we sent out the last newsletter asking for prayer for Jeff’s staph infection, he immediately began to get better. During this time, Mary Beth had to be a full time nurse as well as a Spanish student. So you can just imagine how busy that kept her. After two weeks of not being able to leave the house, he was very excited to go outside in the fresh air!