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June Update

Sorry this newsletter is a little late. Time is flying here in Mexico and we have been so busy. People are getting saved, discipled, and baptized all in the name of Jesus! Here are some highlights from this past month.

6 people got saved!! One family of 4 and two other men. We are now visiting them all on a weekly basis to dig in the word of God with them!

We had a church wide event with 115 people came to worship God. One brave girl stepped up to start walking again with Jesus.

9 people were baptized! It was an awesome day were people decided to show an outward expression of their faith, Hallelujah! (more…)

Meyer Mission Update


Back In Action

After spending a few months in the States for the birth of Tybee Joy, it has been great to get back to God’s work here in Mexico! We are adjusting to life with a baby, as she changes everything. Thankfully, Tybee Joy has behaved herself very well and she is a true blessing when she comes along on visits or services. In fact, (more…)

Return to Mexico

We are back in Mexico! Three weeks ago we finally received Tybee Joy’s birth certificate. Eight days later, we surprisingly received her passport. We then purchased plane tickets for a week later. Tybee Joy did great for having such a long travel day with two flights and five hours of driving. 

We impatiently waited for so long to get her papers and are now so relieved to be back in Mexico, back in our house, back working and ministering to people again! We look forward to our next newsletter updating you of people getting saved and healed in Jesus’ name!

God bless,

Jeff, Mary Beth, + Tybee Joy

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Meet Tybee Joy Meyer

Addition to the Family

Our baby Tybee Joy was born on December 15th. She weighed 6 lbs, 12 oz, and was 20 inches long! The delivery through c-section went smoothly and without any complications! The baby was healthy and since birth has got her weight up over 10 lbs! Mary Beth’s recovery from the c-section (more…)

Video of Life in Mexico


This month we decided we would just share this video in our newsletter. Click on the video below to watch a recap of our time in Mexico so far! We hope you enjoy it!

We also want to give a quick update on Tybee Joy. She is still in the breech position. We have a c-section planned for December 15th. Please be praying for the health of Mary Beth and the baby!

God bless!

Jeff + Mary Beth

Pray for our baby

Prayer Request

This past week we had a little scare with Tybee Joy. We visited a doctor 4 hours away from where we live and had an ultrasound. It revealed that the umbilical cord is wrapped around our baby’s neck and that she is in the “breeched” position. (Which means her head is high in the IMG_20151029_095717455womb.) After talking with the Mexican doctor and Mary Beth’s doctor in Tennessee, they both advised us to return to the US early. (We had planned on returning on November 23rd.) (more…)