Our time in America



In the months of June and July we traveled the country visiting churches, supporters, and family. Our focus was to encourage people with testimonies from Mexico and to express our gratitude to everyone who has helped us this far. We had a great time meeting with


Since we’ve been gone…

Mountain Gateway Gathering

For part of the month of March and half of April, we participated in Mountain Gateway training. This took place in Texas and Wyoming. There was some great teaching, including classes on micro church planting, which we are excited to put into practice here in Mexico. It was also a great time of fellowship with other missionaries, since all of Mountain Gateway attended. We prayed and worshipped together, which created greater unity among us all.





 After spending the past several months in Mexico without any other missionaries, it was great to have community. There were 14 adult Mountain Gateway missionaries in total in Nicaragua with us. It was great to have this community. We spent time praying and worshiping the Lord together. We also had team nights of coming together, eating a meal, and having fun. All in all, it was a great time of bonding and creating unity.

Two of the other families here in Nicaragua with us are going to be joining us in Mexico later this year. (The Skaggs and the Anguianos). The time here in Nicaragua has been a great time to unite as a “Mexico team”. We were able to create a lot of  relationship equity with one another before working along side of each other in Mexico in just a few months.

Here are some of the other things we did…



2017 in Review

In 2017...
In 2017…
2017 was our first full year of being the designated leaders over the work in Mexico. Mountain Gateway founders Britt and Audrey Hancock were the pioneers missionaries who started everything where we are. Now they have assigned us to watch over their sheep that they brought into the kingdom. And even more importantly, God has made us pastors of over 200 believers spread out over many different villages. It is a huge blessing to be entrusted with that. It is also a huge responsibility that we don’t take lightly.

In English, “pastor” and “shepherd” are two different words.


But in the Spanish language,


November 2017

The photo above shows Jeff preaching to over 50 unbelievers.


A couple months ago we arrived early to a service to evangelize in the community. As we were driving down the road we realized that all the men were taking part in a community work day. So we decided to go and buy some coke for all of them (over 50 men and all unbelievers but 2 or 3). As we started to hand out the coke all the men gathered around. I took advantage of this opportunity and started to preach. I had 15 minutes to share a simple gospel message with them. Nobody made the decision to follow Christ that day but it was still exciting to have the opportunity to preach the gospel in over 50 unbelievers!

Youth Outreach

Youth Outreach

In August we held a youth outreach in three different communities. Around 120 kids showed up in total over the three days. 21 kids decided to give their lives to Jesus! We are trying to start up a youth ministry here and this was a great way to start it off! It was great having the Donattos here, our fellow missionary family. They have five kids. Josiah, their oldest, was very involved each day. He lead worship with the guitar each day, and on the last day was the one to preach! 4 kids decided to accept Jesus that day!

Click on the video below to watch a recap of


Welcome Baby Isaiah Meyer!

 Introducing Isaiah Paul Meyer!




We got another member on the Meyer team!
On June 28th, 2:35pm, Isaiah Paul Meyer was born! He weighed 7 pounds and measured 20.5 inches long. He is very healthy! The timing took us by surprise though. We were originally thinking that he was going to be born on July 7th when Mary Beth would be at 39 weeks pregnant. She had Tybee Joy through c-section, so we knew that Isaiah would be born through a c-section as well. Our plan was to have him in Puebla, Mexico a week before his due date. We were actually going to make the drive to Puebla on the 28th. (It’s 3 hours from where we live.) The plan was to be there, close to the hospital for about a week beforehand.

But plans don’t always turn out like we want them to.


New Church Building


March Update

We’ve been having services in a new location for over 3 months now. At the old location we were averaging 10-15 people on Sundays because it was not in town. Now at this new spot centrally located in town, we have seen an increase in attendance! In January we started out with about 50 people showing up. The last month (more…)

March 2017

New Church Building

We started off 2017 by moving into a new building for our main services on Sundays and Wednesday nights. It is located on the main street of town, right next to the market. Our hope was more people would be able to come to church from out of town, because Sunday is market day. The response from the locals has been great. We have seen a increase in attendance, averaging around 60 people on Sundays.

Being in the center of town, there are a lot of people who pass by the church. We have been praying that people would see the church sign and God would draw them in. We have already seen fruit from these prayers! There have been multiple families who didn’t know anyone, but seeing the sign, entered, heard the message, and decided to follow Jesus. They have been faithful in returning every week as well!

Our Year in Review

2016 in Review

2016 was a year that God moved in ways we have personally never seen before. Here is a very quick recap:

  • -71 souls accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior
  • -9 people were baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • -7 new villages were opened up
  • -15 healings and miracles
  • We are now visiting over 23 places on a bi-weekly basis

However, our ministry is not all about numbers. (more…)