Since we’ve been gone…

Mountain Gateway Gathering

For part of the month of March and half of April, we participated in Mountain Gateway training. This took place in Texas and Wyoming. There was some great teaching, including classes on micro church planting, which we are excited to put into practice here in Mexico. It was also a great time of fellowship with other missionaries, since all of Mountain Gateway attended. We prayed and worshipped together, which created greater unity among us all.




During this time, we became ordained ministers under Mountain Gateway. This is an incredible blessing! We feel so honored that our leaders Britt and Audrey Hancock felt we were ready for this step!

While we were gone

Some very encouraging things happened while we were away from Mexico. Originally, we had been nervous about leaving and what could possibly happen. But we looked at how Jesus had to leave His disciples so that the Holy Spirit could come. They had to learn to depend on the Holy Spirit instead of their physical teacher. This made us realize that we don’t want the people of Mexico to be dependent on us, but to lean on the Holy Spirit. That’s when true growth takes place.
That’s what happened while we were away. Several brothers stepped up and took ownership of the work. Some who had never been in a leadership position before became the main leaders of certain visits/services in different villages. Others who had been leading before took on even more responsibility so that no place would get abandoned. We were so encouraged to see this take place. It’s what we’ve been working towards, and we’re seeing fruit from the labor!


That is great news!! I love y’all and continue to pray for you and your work with Jesus, not just for Him.

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