Our Year in Review

2016 in Review

2016 was a year that God moved in ways we have personally never seen before. Here is a very quick recap:

  • -71 souls accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior
  • -9 people were baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • -7 new villages were opened up
  • -15 healings and miracles
  • We are now visiting over 23 places on a bi-weekly basis

However, our ministry is not all about numbers. We cried over the sick, we prayed over the lost, and our hearts our truly broken for the people here. When we reflect on this past year we believe that as a family we are closer to God, as individuals we are in a deeper walk with God, and as a church we are seeing growth. Pastors are stepping up, new leaders are being developed, children are seeking the Word, and so much more. We are thankful for this year of growth!

Thank you for personally being apart of this growth! We are so grateful for every single one of our supporters for helping enable to do the ministry God has called us to! We pray that when we reflect on 2017 that we see even greater things!


To kick off 2017 we opened up a new church building in our home town Cuetzalan. This church meets every Wednesday and Sunday. This does not take the place of any of our other services but is a centrally located place where the church body can come together as one to worship, hear the word of God, and have community. It is also a place where unbelievers can see the church building and come inside to hear the word of God. This past Sunday we had over 60 people, 4 new people, and 2 people were saved!

New sound system needed

As you all know, with a new church comes expenses! We want to start this church off right, with the best equipment that will last for many years to come. We are looking to get upgraded sound equipment. Our current old speaker system has given us technical difficulties to say the least! The price of the new equipment we’re hoping for is about $2,000.


  • -$500 Speakers (x2) = $1,000
  • -$260 Soundboard/Mixer
  • -$250 Wireless Microphone
  • -$70 Microphone (x3) = $210
  • -$20 Microphone Stand (x2) = $40
  • -$100 Speaker Stand (x2) = $200

Total = $1960


If you are interested in helping us fund this project, you can click on the “Donate Towards Sound Equipment” button to give online. If sending a check, you can follow the instructions below. If you do end up giving specifically to this project, please send us email, text, or give us a call to let us know the donation is for the sound equipment.

God bless,

Jeff, Mary Beth, and Tybee Joy Meyer


Donate Towards Sound Equpiment


Make checks payable to “Mountain Gateway.” Designate the check to “Meyer” in the note/memo section. Mail checks to this address:

Mountain Gateway

PO Box 1135

Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Thank You!

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Good Morning Beth and Jeff:))
Thinking of you guys and wanted to say how we appreciated your Thank you card! Sounds like you guys are really making a difference in the lives of these men, women, and children. “God is good ALL the time!” Keeping you in our prayers! Love you all!

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