November 2017

The photo above shows Jeff preaching to over 50 unbelievers.


A couple months ago we arrived early to a service to evangelize in the community. As we were driving down the road we realized that all the men were taking part in a community work day. So we decided to go and buy some coke for all of them (over 50 men and all unbelievers but 2 or 3). As we started to hand out the coke all the men gathered around. I took advantage of this opportunity and started to preach. I had 15 minutes to share a simple gospel message with them. Nobody made the decision to follow Christ that day but it was still exciting to have the opportunity to preach the gospel in over 50 unbelievers!

Fast forward to this early November and we were doing a service in this same community. A family of 4 showed up to the service that had never come before. The man said that he was at that work day, he listened to the preaching, and what he heard had touched him. This night he and his wife decided to repent of their sins and start living their lives for Jesus. It was amazing to see fruit come from that day. We do not know what God is doing in all of the mens heart that had seeds planting in them, perhaps more are going to come to Jesus.This makes us all the more eager to evangelize and plant more seeds. God is who makes it grow!

Souls and Healings!
5 people have gotten saved since our last newsletter! We have also seen a few healings the past couple months! One story that sticks out happened two weeks ago. A woman went to our house to ask for prayer because she was dealing with pain in her heart and also a headache. We weren’t in the house at the time, so she went walking around town. As she walked, she happened to see us walking on the other side of the street. In that moment that she saw us, all of her pain left her! She didn’t talk to us and we didn’t even pray for her. She told us the next day what had happened.

Trip to Nicaragua
In January we will be heading to Nicaragua to join others of the Mountain Gateway team for continued leadership training. We will be ministering to the people there as well.  We will be the for 6 weeks.

  • Expenses
  • -This upcoming trip to Nicaragua may cost us $5,000 with flights and estimated expenses.
  • -We have become permanent residents of Mexico, but that process has cost us around $2,500
  • -Our truck needs repairs that will cost $1,400. We’ve already spent over $2,000 on fixing it up so far this year.

-We need new tires for our truck. The estimated cost for mud tires is $1,000.

-Church equipment was recently stolen. Including in that was a projector, portable sound equipment, and a portable generator. These are necessary for us to do big events and show christian films in village houses.

-We are going to have to buy many plane tickets this year with stateside training coming up and itineration. Estimated costs: $4,000

-Jeff’s computer has bit the dust as well!

These are all expenses that are hard to plan for. This doesn’t include things that we normally expect like our rent, church property rent, ministry expenses, etc… We have found out that as a missionary it is very hard to have a “normal” monthly budget because unforeseen things pop up very often!

If you can’t help us financially, you can cover us in prayer as we have been worrying about these upcoming expenses!

If you want to participate in helping us financially, there are two ways to give.

Donate Online
The easiest and most direct way to give is by clicking the link below.

1. You will be directed to an online giving page.
There you may make a one time or re-ocurring donation.
*Re-ocurring donations only stay current for one year from the date of your first gift.
2. Enter your donation amount.
3. In the “to:” field, be sure select “Jeff and Mary Beth Meyer.”

Donate Online

Donate By Check

You may send a check payable to Mountain Gateway.
​Please write in the memo Jeff and Mary Beth Meyer.


Our Address is:

Mountain Gateway
PO Box 1135
Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Thank you all for your love, prayers, and support. We truly couldn’t do this with without the backing of our brothers and sisters in Christ!

God bless,

Jeff, Mary Beth, Tybee Joy, and Isaiah


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