March 2017

New Church Building

We started off 2017 by moving into a new building for our main services on Sundays and Wednesday nights. It is located on the main street of town, right next to the market. Our hope was more people would be able to come to church from out of town, because Sunday is market day. The response from the locals has been great. We have seen a increase in attendance, averaging around 60 people on Sundays.

Being in the center of town, there are a lot of people who pass by the church. We have been praying that people would see the church sign and God would draw them in. We have already seen fruit from these prayers! There have been multiple families who didn’t know anyone, but seeing the sign, entered, heard the message, and decided to follow Jesus. They have been faithful in returning every week as well!

20 people Saved!

A person being saved from their sin will always be the greatest miracle. We saw 11 in January and 9 in February choose forgiveness! The man dressed in white in the photo above repented of his sins in that moment.


We have been using a children’s Spanish/English Bible lately to teach kids the powerful stories of God’s word. They absolutely love the stories and the pictures that go along with them¬†They¬†always want us to read more!

New Sound equipment!

This past month we were able to buy all new speakers, amplifier/mixer, microphones and other accessories! This was a big need as we were having a lot of issues with our old equipment. Thank you to those who made this happen!

Visa Renewal Trip

Our 6 months visas ran out, so we had to leave the country for a few days. As you can see, going through airport security with a 1 year old can be a challenge!

Prayer Needs.

1. Pray for Mary Beth’s health. It seems like she has had to deal with one sickness after another. She needs freedom from it all, especially since she’s pregnant.

2. For the Word of God to spread rapidly in our part of Mexico

Jeff, Mary Beth, and Tybee Joy

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