New Church Building


March Update

We’ve been having services in a new location for over 3 months now. At the old location we were averaging 10-15 people on Sundays because it was not in town. Now at this new spot centrally located in town, we have seen an increase in attendance! In January we started out with about 50 people showing up. The last month have been more than 70 coming. Last Sunday we had a potluck, everybody brought some food to share, and many brought friends or family who don’t normally attend! We counted 97 people at the service! With that many we are getting close to max capacity, which would be an awesome problem to have! We hope that soon we’ll have to start having 2 services everySunday to accommodate everyone! God has been bringing in people who upon seeing the church sign feel drawn in. It has been an amazing thing to see! 6 souls were saved last month and we are praying for many more.

New Family

The Donatto family joined us 3 weeks ago. They just finished up their language school training in Guatemala and drove directly up to Mexico from there. They are an awesome family and were are so excited to get to work along side them.


 *This is not a request, but a praise report. Mary Beth had been dealing with migraines every day for over a month straight. But now she hasn’t had even 1 migraine for nearly 3 weeks! That you Lord!

*Continue to lift up Mary Beth and our baby boy in the womb in prayer. 

  • *Pray for the church here. For new souls for the kingdom. For true discipleship to take place.

We are so grateful for your love, prayers, and support. For how could we go if we aren’t sent by others? (Romans 10:14-15)

Jeff, Mary Beth, and Tybee Joy

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